About Me

I'm a photojournalist and storyteller.  I love capturing beautiful details, such as your exquisite shoes -- and I'll do my best to stage your family portraits like a Kardashian Christmas card -- but what I'm drawn to more than anything else are the emotions of the day.  After 12 years of photographing weddings, I still live to photograph those purely candid moments that unfold before your eyes, unstaged and completely real.  My best photographs are authentic, emotional, and aim to bring you closer to the people you love.

I grew up the child of classical musicians here in New York City.  At an early age, I discovered the photographs of Diane Arbus when I would sneak into the Museum of Modern Art book shop while my mother practiced next door.  I was amazed by the intimacy of those photographs and the insight they offered us into people's lives.  I've been trying to tell people's stories through my photography ever since.  So far, my work has appeared in The New York TimesGQHarper's BazaarW, and Us Weekly, to name a few.

Shooting weddings is one of my favorite assignments.  It's like being offered a front row seat at an exciting show. If I get to travel to Portofino, Marrakesh or Palm Beach -- even better!  I consider it a huge honor and responsibility to be invited into your private world, and I want you to be moved to tears by the images and to cherish them for the rest of your lives.  

When I'm not chasing you with my camera, I live in Brooklyn with my 9-year-old dog Colby, who makes frequent appearances on my Instagram feed.  I'm a dedicated yogi, inconsistent meditator, and die-hard book lover.



(917) 628-8845

31 Woodruff Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226